GS1 Australia Business Continuity - How GS1 Australia is handling the COVID-19 situation

The team at GS1 Australia is continuing to work to support our members and keep business functions as usual.

Please see below the current status of our services.

Number allocation 

GS1 Australia does not foresee any impact on the delivery of our core services of the allocation and support of GS1 Prefixes and maintenance of membership.  

National Product Catalogue, Smart Media, Locatenet and Recall  

Fully operational. Our service providers have implemented effective Business Continuity plans, with no expectation of impact to these services. 

Barcode Testing

Business as usual: To help you get your product on the shelf quickly to meet increasing customer demand, GS1 Australia's Barcode Check facilities remain open in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Photography and Content Creation Services

Business as usual: Deliver your products to our Melbourne or Sydney offices for prompt turnaround service.


All face-to-face GS1 Training sessions are on hold. These have been replaced with online sessions.

We will continue to provide updates once we have new information. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on 1300 BARCODE (1300 227 263).