Identify, Capture and Use - Numbering and Barcoding in Healthcare training session


Learn how to implement GS1 standards in Healthcare to meet industry requirements, strengthen supply chain efficiencies and support increased patient safety.

The ‘Identify, Capture and Use – Numbering and Barcoding in Healthcare’ training session is designed to educate Australian healthcare organisations in the use of the GS1 system to resolve real business problems, assure compliance and improve supply chain management.

The training session provides fundamental information on the practical application of the GS1 standards for all healthcare trade items: pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumables for all levels of packaging across both hospital and retail environments.

Why attend?

The training will deliver industry knowledge, meeting the needs of unique product/device identification, selecting appropriate capturing technologies and understanding the importance of sharing quality data from source to health provider in order to achieve greater accuracy, patient safety and traceability.

The benefits of this one-day course are:

  • Healthcare focused, essential knowledge for all trading partners
  • Using GS1 system tools to empower simplicity, accuracy and compliance
  • Simple, easy to understand language, unpacking the complexities of the industry
  • Understanding the traceability journey
  • Current industry 'hot' topics such as Unique Device Identification (UDI) and pharmaceutical labelling
  • Appreciate the importance of data quality and accurate record keeping
  • Troubleshooting common problems and debunking 'myths'

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the Healthcare sector from manufacturing and brand owners through to hospital staff who want to better understand the use of GS1 standards at both a local and global level.

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