Locatenet in Healthcare

Locatenet in Healthcare

Ensuring accurate location information to support traceability and a safer, more efficient healthcare

Locatenet is an online service that enables health providers, distributors and suppliers to store, share and manage their locations in a consistent and timely way. Locatenet was developed in conjunction with the Australian Healthcare sector to provide a mechanism for sharing location information. It is used extensively by the State and Territory Health jurisdictions and private healthcare providers to share this information with their suppliers.

Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and the associated data within the locations records in Locatenet ensure that organisations are speaking the same language when referring to locations - be they Physical or Virtual - ensuring greater ability to digitise processes and event-based traceability.

In healthcare GLNs are used to identify a variety of locations and parties. They can identify trading partners, pricing locations, invoicing parties, and virtual locations such as EDI mailboxes or NPC participants as well as physical locations like hospital wards, bed bays, theatres, imprests and storage locations, delivery points for ward box deliveries and more. Sharing these locations and associated data via an online portal ensures that the latest locations and information are always available where needed.

Developed with industry, more on the whole of industry approach is available at Australian Digital Health Agency

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