Healthcare User Group 2017


The role of global standards in delivering safer, more efficient care around the world 
Tania Snioch, Director Healthcare, GS1 Global Office

Priorities for Supply Chain to support the Digital Health future
Paul Broadbridge, Director Digital Bridge Consulting and former Chief Digital Supply Chain Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Utilising standards to create a safer patient environment in our hospitals
Ryan Mavin, Lead Enterprise Architect, ACT Health

The value of GS1 standards for improving patient safety, supply chain efficiency and so much more
Kathryn E. Wengel, Worldwide Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Johnson&Johnson

EDI implementation excellence: Thinking beyond compliance to support an improved patient experience and provide excellent customer service
Andrew Potter, Group Inventory Manager, Ramsay Health Care and James Doyle, Director of Customer Experience, Stryker, South Pacific

Challenges and Opportunities facing the Medical Technology industry
Andrea Kunca, Medical Technology Association of Australia

Evolution of UDI and things to consider for the new EU Medical Device and Invitro Device Regulation
Tania Snioch, Director Healthcare, GS1 Global Office

Motivate to Collaborate
Renee Giarrusso, Director RG Dynamics

Supporting traceability and interoperability in Healthcare distribution
Ged Halstead, CIO CH2 and Pieter Vandevelde, Regional Vice President APAC, DSI

Lessons learnt from around the world – some opportunities for Australia’s healthcare
Terry Hoy, Regional Supply Chain Manager, South West Healthcare

The importance of quality data in a transforming health system
Pauline Lawrence, Supply Chain Information & Analytics Manager, Health Purchasing Victoria 

Healthcare Data Quality Improvement program - tools for industry and update on progress
Dimi Pachiyannis, NPC Relationship Manager, GS1 Australia and Murray Robb, NPC Implementation Manager, GS1 Australia


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