Enabling interoperable and scalable 'digitalization' for improved patient safety

As a neutral, non-profit, global standards organisation, GS1 collaborates with Healthcare stakeholders in their journey to transform and digitalize their processes leading to patient safety, clinical process and supply chain improvements.  

Please join us for a free webinar discussing data standards and technology and how these are supporting the complex digital journey of digitalization for improved patient safety.


28 August 2019

2:30pm Melbourne/Sydney
12:30pm Singapore/Hong Kong
10:30am New Delhi
1:30pm Tokyo
11:30am Bangkok
4:30pm Wellington

Similar to our Health Provider series, this webinar is designed to support this digital journey by inviting a guest presenter from industry to share how technology can be implemented upon a framework of standards to help reach the goal of the ‘digital hospital’.  

Achieving a positive family and patient experience

In today’s healthcare, the focus has largely turned to how can we ‘digitalize’ in order to improve patient care, capture more ‘real time’ data within patient records, ensure that we have visibility across the patient pathway and to help ensure a positive family and patient experience. How to do this in a scalable and interoperable way is one of the primary challenges for many health organisations as they aim to manage data and implement whole of organisation solutions across a variety of platforms. The webinar will include a background to some of the cooperating global standards defined for healthcare and focus on real world and practical insights into how successful digitalization in healthcare can be achieved.

Who should join?

Open to all healthcare stakeholders, we highly recommend this webinar to all those who are involved in digital health projects – current or future.

Webinar host

Catherine Koetz, Industry Manager – Healthcare, GS1 Australia

As one of the country managers, Catherine works with the local healthcare industry stakeholders in their journey to use GS1 global data standards to support their digital transformation. She is also one of the representatives on the GS1 Global Leadership Team.  

Guest presenter



Chris Sullivan, Global Healthcare Practice Lead, Zebra Technologies

Chris is an advocate for the role technology plays in improving the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care, and for the value of unifying best practices from around the world to improve healthcare globally.
With an acute understanding of the needs of patients and their caregivers coupled with robust technical knowledge of healthcare operations, Chris artfully combines the personal and professional needs of the industry to create an inspirational point of view on healthcare technology.
His voice is friendly and conversational, while referring to his impressive experience of being a sought-after industry speaker, healthcare customer board member, U.S. policy advocate and to reinforce his authority position.
With over 20+ years of healthcare industry executive leadership experience in corporate strategy, business development, and marketing, some of his professional credentials include:

  • Board of Director for Swedish Covenant Hospital,
  • Board Chairman for Healthcare IoT Community,
  • Board Member, Healthcare Supply Consortium, USA
  • Policy Advocate on Capitol Hill



Featured Case study

Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) wanted to adopt barcode technology to use with its patient identification systems to improve patient safety and to comply with GS1 standards as part of the NHS Scan4Safety programme. As part of the implementation, LTHT explored and assessed various technologies, ultimately selecting Zebra Technologies (Zebra) as the most appropriate technology and implementation partner. Learn more