Omni-channel retail

Inventory integrity is a retailer problem that until recently has remained in-house. Consumers now expect that inventory will be reliable and accurate online and in real time.

Open, global standards now support retailers and sellers both in the physical and online worlds. Global marketplaces use GS1 standards as the foundation of identifying goods online. Standards assist brands in being able to deliver a more seamless consumer experience.

Our work in Omni-channel retail

  • GTIN Rules: Learn how unique numbers can identify products, locations, documents and more - right across your supply chain, and right across the world. 
  • Barcode Check: Ensuring your barcodes scan first time, every time, all over the world. 
  • Content Creation: we create your product-related digital assets for you and distribute to your trading partners.
  • Imaging: Create an efficient, single source of product images to match the needs of your trading partners worldwide.
  • SmartSearch: Helps you make more detailed and accurate product information visible across the web and increases relevant search results for customers.
  • Product Launch: Make the introduction of a product onto retail shelves as easy and painless as possible.

Selling online

If you are selling your products online and the marketplace is asking you to provide barcodes (in GS1 language, GTINs), you can get these through GS1 Australia.


Raise inventory accuracy in the retail sector with GS1


Supporting online marketplaces