Foodservice Industry Steering Group

In today’s global environment, ensuring food safety across the supply chain is essential. Consumers have an expectation that companies will supply safe food, as well as able to identify, trace the origin of and if necessary, recall and withdraw the food products they sell.

With the GS1 system, the Australian food and grocery sector already enjoys improved product identification, bar coding, electronic messaging standards and the National Product Catalogue data synchronisation catalogue.

Recall has also improved Australian companies’ ability to withdraw and recall food and grocery products from the Australian market in a safe, timely and cost efficient way.

The same concerns for food safety that exist for consumers in the Australian food and grocery sector also apply to the Australian foodservice sector. We believe that by adopting the GS1 system, the Australian foodservice sector can also benefit enormously.

For this reason, GS1 Australia has formed a Foodservice Industry Steering Group to examine ways in which the GS1 system can be implemented in the Australian foodservice sector.

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