Data Embedded Barcodes

Data Embedded Barcodes

The latest in point-of-sale product identification.

Data embedded barcodes (DEB), or 2DBarcodes, have the ability to include enormous amounts of product information, for example batch number, lot number, best-before date, use-by date, pack date, product weight, product price and more.

The availability of additional data means more accurate expiration date management, automatic markdowns, improved stock control and less food waste. GS1 data embedded barcodes are currently being used for fresh food products including meat, poultry, seafood, deli, dairy and bakery to help improve food safety and reduce food waste.

The barcode symbols can be in the format of either a GS1 DataBar expanded or a GS1 DataMatrix, also referred to as a 2D barcode. The GS1 DataMatrix also have a much better read rate at point of sale, resulting in fewer delays at the check-out.

By implementing data embedded barcodes, retailers will have the extra information available at point-of-sale (POS) to manage promotions and date-based discounts. In the future consumers will access this information on their smartphones.


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